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Performance in a competitive and demanding environment has become more difficult these days. From executives to managers and sales people, becoming better at what we do and consistently produce results better than our previous one takes more than our talk and suits.

One problem I think is that most managers do not really make enough time for the little things that matter for performance improvement.

We cannot run effective organizations without an effective science on how to improve performance.

We need a science that will help propel us to see what it is that blocks us from peak performing.

We need to understand the specific ingredients needed to help us peak perform.

Like athletes and sports people, manufacturers, sales people and executives also need to understand the defining parameters that will help them become more effective and efficient.

I sincerely believe that whatever your needs and obstacles, this simple journey will be the best in your quest to become more result oriented.

Training Objectives

  • PerformanceMastering delivers the basic working principle that will help your organization peak perform
  • This product is designed to offer participants the techniques, strategies and tools to help them move their organizations to the next level.
  • It delivers deep insights into obstacles to performance improvements and how they affect the overall deliverables.

Training Description

PerformanceMastering is a 4-module training program comprising both theory and practical modeling strategies.

 Training Strategy

  • Training will comprise of seminar style presentations
  • Group strategy networking
  • Group modeling
  • Take home assignments

 Target Participants

  • Leaders
  • Sales Persons
  • Departmental Leaders
  • Branch Managers
  • Managers & CEOs
  • New Employees
  • Line Managers & Front-Line Officers
  • Church Leaders
  • Credit Union
  • Men and Women Group Leaders
  • Departmental Leaders & Church Management
  • Preachers & Ministers
  • All Christian leaders concerned with church growth and development

 Why You Need PerformanceMastering

  • Acquire the techniques to reengineer your organization and reposition it to peak perform.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the four main parameters the spurs performance improvement.
  • Understand the four basic obstacles that hinder performance improvement.
  • This product is designed to offer participants the techniques, strategies and tools to help them move their organizations to the next level.
  • It delivers rare insights into helping you master key principles that will empower your organization perform at a rate you have never dreamt of.


Performance Models

This session presents a well-defined approach to understanding and mastering the four basic components and diagrams that underpin them.

 The PerformanceMastering Process: Basic Theory

Gain rare insight into the basic theory that will help you understand the principles behind the techniques. This will help you understand the followings parameters and their importance to the performance process.

  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Analyze
  • Adjust

 Performance Modeling

This module presents a 30-day workbook that will help the participants develop and work out a performance program for their lives and organizations.

Participants will be immersed in minutes of observing, discussing, analyzing and learning the advanced concepts and interventions, practicing the skills they learned and being part of an environment that that encourages them to step up to the next level.

Performance Communication

This module addresses the flow of information, from one level of the process to the other.

  • Identifying stakeholders and their roles
  • Identify levels of information flow

mode of delivery / purchase

This coaching is available on customized consulting, custom-on-site training and private coaching basis